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Kirton Playworks has a wealth of experience and expertise in the design and supply of Soft Play and Adventure Play equipment. Its reputation is one for exciting, innovative design and excellent product quality.

Soft Play and Adventure Play equipment has become an essential part of many businesses drive to attract children and families. Locations as diverse as pubs and health clubs, 5* hotels and working farms, have now introduced Adventure Play equipment and Soft Play areas in order to become more family friendly. These businesses and many others, large and small, have recognised the drawing power that Adventure Play and/or Soft Play equipment can have on their target market.

Indoor play facilities provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to generate profits either as a stand-alone operation or as part of a family friendly offer. Exciting and stimulating Adventure Play areas generate income through casual use, Birthday Parties, activity sessions, merchandising and by driving Food and Beverage sales.

Kirton Playworks expertise extends not only to the Adventure Play and Soft Play equipment itself but also to the design and layout of the indoor play facility as a whole. Issues such as the proportion of space to allocate to the play equipment and café seating areas, the scale and type of food offer, party rooms, off peak activity sessions etc all need to be considered as part of the overall design process.

Safety is paramount, with our designs meeting BS8409: 2002 Soft Indoor Play Areas – Code of Practice and independent safety inspections to check compliance.

For up to date information on the latest safety requirements for Adventure Play equipment or Soft Play equipment, please feel free to call us on +44 (0)1925 648959 or e-mail any questions to info@kirtonplayworks.co.uk.






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